Knuth Brewing Company
My name is David Knuth and I am the head brewer and founder of Knuth Brewing Company along with my wife Marie. My brewing roots began years ago with a homebrewing kit my father-in-law bought for me. Brewing quickly became a passion of mine, something that I truly enjoyed. Our motto is "Hand Crafted Artisan Beers". The word artisan refers to someone skilled in an applied art, or a craftsperson. Brewing is definitely an art. We may not be making paintings or sculpting a great monument, but we are creating something unique, from scratch, with our own hands for the enjoyment of all who choose to partake. All of our beers are brewed by hand in extremely small batches to ensure freshness, quality, and flavor.

In addition to our brewery we also have our pub and restaurant located right in the heart of downtown Ripon in an old but newly restored building with original tin ceilings, hardwood floors, and really cool architecture. We have a real wood fired oven that we built ourselves to bake delicious artisan pizzas and we also offer fresh salads, paninis, and delicious breads and desserts baked from scratch. There is no better place to enjoy an ice cold Knuth Brew than at our custom made maple bar so thank you for visiting and enjoy the beer!